Host a Back to School Party

A back to school party is an entertaining way to get the kids and their friends ready for the new school year. If you are in need of some back to school party ideas, throw a back to school party inspired by a real school schedule! At this celebration, transform any venue into a school and divide the time into different “periods.” This party may not sound fun, but it’s actually a festive way to get your children in the school spirit!
Step 1: Create your guest list & send invites
If your kids have friends who attend different schools, an online invitation is a great way to keep track of everyone. Here are a couple of festive back to school invitations. On the invitation, be sure to include where and when the party will be as well as anything that guests should bring.
Step 2: Organize the "class schedule"
Think of a few activities you want the kids to do and assign each one to a room or a part of the venue. You should divide the time into different 20-30 minute “periods.”  For example, one subject could be “art.” Here, the kids can make name tags to hang from their backpack, lunchboxes, or lockers. All you need is some cardboard, stickers, stencils, glue sticks, and a variety of tissue paper. Lay them out and give the kids some ideas for how to make fun designs. Another idea is “visit to the library.” Ask some of the moms or older siblings to dress up as “librarians” and read short stories to the kids. Make sure to choose books that are appropriate for the age group! During “gym,” have the kids go outside to play a game of kickball. There are many possibilities—get creative!
Step 3: Plan a "school lunch"
It’s a good idea to have a bell that you can ring between each period. Have a warning bell to let the kids know they only have a few minutes to finish their activities. “Lunch” can be at the “cafeteria” (your dining room or kitchen). Ask the kids to line up so the lunch ladies (more volunteers) can serve them some food just like a real lunch room. They’ll definitely be hungry! Buy plastic trays, milk boxes, chicken fingers, and chocolate chip cookies. This way, the kids will feel like they’re about to have a meal at the school cafeteria!
back to school party ideas
Step 4: Give out school-themed party favors
As the final bell rings, send everyone on their way to the pick-up line. For back to school party favors, send each “student” home with a pencil case filled with colored pens, erasers, and a fun notepad. These favors will certainly come in handy when the kids go to their first day of school!
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