Back to School Party Themes

When it’s time to go back to school, you know it’s time to party. This is because there are so many inspired back to school theme ideas that involve getting ready for school as well as enjoying the final days spent outdoors in the fabulous summer weather. If you would like to host a back to school themed party, take a look at the suggestions below.
  • Back to school pool party: Want to take advantage of the final days of summer weather? What better way than to throw a back to school pool party! You can host this party at your pool, a friend’s pool, or at your local pool. If not, gather a bunch of kiddie pools, sprinklers, Slip ‘N Slides and water balloons to have a back to school water competition complete with prizes for all of the future students!
  • School supply swap party: A practical and fun way to get ready for the new year is to host a school supply swap party. On the invitation, ask each guest to bring a fun school supply item. This can be a pack of markers, a pencil case, a lunchbox, etc. At the party, put all of the school supplies in the center of a table. Assign each item a number and write down each number on an individual piece of paper. Have each guest choose a number and then collect the item that corresponds to it.
  • Back to school family cook out: Get friends and family together one last time before school starts and host a back to school family cook out. Serve classic barbeque food such as burgers and hot dogs. Decorate your yard with spirited homemade decorations that resemble things you would find in classrooms such as boards, lab equipment, and lockers. Have fun making these creative decorations! If you’re short on time, check your local party or school supply store instead.
  • New class meet and greet: Many schools will post or send out a list of homeroom classes before school starts. Get everyone in your child’s homeroom class together before the school year starts at a new class meet and greet. Send out invitations at least two weeks in advance so that people will know to make themselves available. The goal is to have the best attendance possible so everyone can meet each other before the big day!
Pick your favorite theme and have a fabulous time at your party! If you are in need of invitations to get you started with your party planning, take a look at these fun online Back to School invitations.
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