Decorating for Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to gather your friends and family together to give thanks and celebrate. Getting your home ready and decorating for Thanksgiving can be a daunting task, but Thanksgiving decorations don’t have to be expensive. All you need is a little creativity for the perfect DIY Thanksgiving. Instead of only focusing on your centerpiece, think about decorating your whole home. Try out these Thanksgiving decoration ideas we’ve gathered for you for different areas around your home:
  • Mantle: Homemade Thanksgiving decorations don’t have to be complicated. A great looking mantle can be made up with just some candles and seasonal gourds and pumpkins. Mixing different heights of candles and different types will make for an eclectic look. Scatter them for a random look or line up your pumpkins and gourds with the candles framing either end for a more organized look. Adding branches or leaves adds to the fall theme, but be careful with lit candles and flammable material.
  • Front Porch: Your fall front porch decoration doesn’t have to end with Halloween. Dried corn stalks look great as Thanksgiving porch decorations. Tie two bundles with twine and frame your door with them. You can lean them against the house or put them in pots. Embellish the twine with some seasonal flowers. Faux flowers work great here because you don’t have to change them and from the sidewalk you wont be able to tell the difference.
  • Lighting: Break out the Christmas lights early for this DIY Thanksgiving decoration. Some fake leaves from the craft store is the only other thing you’ll need for this craft. Just cut a small slit in each leaf and put it over the small bulbs on the string of lights. The leaf lights make a great background for a table decoration or hung up around a room.
  • Table Tops: In addition to the classic candles, pumpkins, and flowers, try adding some craftiness to your table decorations. Acorns and pinecones add a great natural touch. Try putting them in a clear plastic or glass container or vase. You can use them to hold up long stemmed flowers or even branches. For a modern touch, try painting the pinecones or adding a touch of glitter to the vase.
  • Windows: Window sills are another great spot for displaying candles or homemade decorations, but why not switch it up a bit and hang decorations from the top of the window? You can decorate pinecones to hang or string leaves together. Try this acorn ornament to hang: You need a Styrofoam ball in your desired size, and enough acorn tops to cover it. Paint the Styrofoam ball a brown color that is similar to the acorn caps. Paint the sides of the acorn caps with glue and then cover in glitter. Hot glue them onto the ball, stem side down, until the ball is covered. This looks better if you follow a patter while gluing, instead of just placing randomly. To hang, just tie ribbon or string to a bent paper clip, and push it into the Styrofoam ball.
 Try out your hand at homemade Thanksgiving décor for your celebration this year and your guests are sure to be impressed!
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