Max & Ruby Theme Party

Plan a fun and exciting birthday theme for your preschooler, and throw a Max and Ruby party. Organize a Max and Ruby birthday for the little one who loves to watch the TV show and read the books. Make bunnies the main part of the theme, along with a variety of play stations. Plan details for the Max and Ruby birthday celebration such as decorations, party favors, and party games.

Take advantage of these Max and Ruby party ideas:

  • Decorations: Display Max and Ruby decorations throughout your home, outside, or at a local venue. Hang up pictures of Max and Ruby along with posters representing the books and television show. Set up and decorate tables to represent Candi’s candy shop and Rosalinda’s gift shop for the kids.
  • Party Games and Activities: Organize Max and Ruby party games for the little kids. Set up a variety of different stations as seen in the Max and Ruby television show. Set up a tea party station for the girls and a station with fire trucks, tow trucks, and dump trucks for the boys. Have the boys race the trucks for a fun party game. Set up a third station and show a variety of Max and Ruby television episodes.
  • Favors: Plan Max and Ruby party favors for the kids to bring home at the conclusion of the party. Purchase Peeps marshmallow treats in the shape of bunnies, drop them into cellophane bags, tie a ribbon around the top and organize them on the Candi’s candy shop table. Purchase Max and Ruby books and small bunny stuffed animals and put them on the Rosalinda’s gift shop table. Label the candy bags, books, and stuffed animals with the names of the children to make sure everyone gets one of each favor to take home.

Get creative with the birthday theme idea and meet all of the kids at the party as Max and Ruby’s Grandmother. Wear a blue dress and bunny ears. During the party, pass out rabbit ears to all of the kids, and transform them into bunnies!

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