Preschool Princess Party

Starting preschool is a fun and exciting time for any little one. However, it can often be scary for kids to start a new school, make new friends, and leave the comforts of home or daycare for the very first time. Since school is always easier when there is a buddy in class, foster early friendships with a back to school princess party!

Parties can be as organized or carefree as you desire but it’s great to plan activities that you know will delight preschool girls. Here are a few suggestions for ways to please your little preschool princesses: 

  • Invite all of the girls from class. Ask them to come dressed as their favorite princess. Have extra dress-ups on hand in case someone forgets their own.
  • Have your preschool princess help decorate cookies or prepare mini-muffins, cupcakes, homemade lemonade, and fresh fruit for snack. While you’re making the food, talk about starting preschool and how to make new friends.

Preschool Princess Party

  • Set a small kids table with china tea sets but let the girls lead the fun with their own imaginations.
  • Have tea ready for all the moms to enjoy while the girls get acquainted. Give them some space so they can find their comfort zone with each other and not cling to you! Set the scene with pretty pink flower arrangements.

  • Play preschool princess games with the girls. For example, make a felt board with different princesses and princess attire such as crowns, shoes and wands and have the girls take turns making up stories. This will help prepare them for talking in front of the class.
  • Have the girls make friendship bracelets. This activity will help establish a bond and the girls will get a kick out of wearing something special to school that they made with their new friends.

The more you can do to help ease the transition back to school the better. Just like adults, it’s much easier to enter a new situation when there is a familiar face welcoming you!

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