Shark Week™ Party Ideas You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Discovery's Shark Week® is coming! Get ready to gather your friends to watch some epic TV programs that are 100% devoted to sharks. This is the perfect opportunity to plan a simple watch party to have fun, learn about these fascinating creatures, and kick off the summer season.

First things first: When is Shark Week 2024? This year’s Shark Week will take place on Discovery Channel® from Sunday, July 7 to Saturday, July 13. Check out the official Shark Week schedule to find your favorite Shark Week program and set a date for your watch party.

Once you settle on a must-see program, it’s time to dive into party planning!

Shark Week Watch Party Invitation

Set the stage for your event with a digital Shark Week party invitation that features a summer-ready shark lounging in the sun with a matching envelope liner and official Shark Week postage stamp. Once you customize your invitation with important event details, send it to guests by text or email, then easily manage RSVPs online. 

Shark Week Party Food Ideas

Below are a few shark-themed food ideas for your watch party. Be sure to set up a food table near your viewing space so guests don’t miss a minute of the program!

  • Goldfish: Serve pretzel and cheddar Goldfish in colorful beach buckets with plastic shovels for scooping. 
  • Great White Punch: Mix together half a gallon of blue Hawaiian Punch, 1 cup of coconut cream, 1 liter of lemon-lime soda, and ice in a punchbowl. Add a handful of gummy sharks to swim in the punch.
  • Submarine Sandwiches: Use tuna fish or deli meats on sub rolls to create Submarine Sandwiches. Cut bendy straws in half and place the tops into the sandwiches to look like mini periscopes. 
  • Sharkcuterie: Create an awesome, shark-shaped charcuterie with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, cured meats, and your favorite crackers and veggies for dipping.
shark-week-party-food.jpg 1009.87 KB

Shark Week Party Desserts

Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with these ideas for shark desserts. 

  • Fish Bowl Candy: Fill a small fish bowl with shark gummies and Swedish Fish so guests can munch while they watch.
  • Shark Candy Bark: Blue icing swirls in a white candy bark and only three ingredients make this recipe a gorgeous and simple dessert. 
  • Shark Fin Cookies: Check out this recipe for Shark Fin Cookies that uses tie-dye icing and chocolate candies to create a realistic shark sighting!

Shark Week Party Decorations

If you really want to take this party to the next level, purchase streamers and balloons in different tones of blue and green and place them throughout your party space to create an oceanic atmosphere. Create and hang signs that say “Warning: Shark Activity,” “Swim at Your Own Risk,” and “No Lifeguard on Duty,” and decorate with seashells, fishing net, and starfish. 

shark-week-party-decorations.jpeg 7.54 MB

Want to take the party outside? Set up an outdoor screening area complete with beach chairs and beach towels, then decorate the space with any other seaside necessities you own (think: life jackets, boogie boards, beach balls, pool floats, buckets, shovels, etc.).


Shark Week Party Favors

Wrap up your event and thank guests for coming to your party with a sweet treat. Purchase rolls of Life Saver candies and wrap a ribbon around each one along with a note that says, “You survived Shark Week! Thanks for being a fintastic guest!” 

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