5 Tips for Writing Birthday eCards

Once you discover the beauty of sending free eCards for birthdays, the challenge becomes writing the perfect birthday message. Unlike a paper card that has a pre-printed (and impersonal) message written inside, happy birthday eCards allow you to customize your greeting. It might be a challenge to come up with things to write in a birthday card, but doing so shows that you care. Take the time to write a personal message that will mean something to the recipient.

 Here are five helpful tips about how to write a birthday card:

  • Choose the Perfect Design: When you’re browsing through free birthday eCards, think about who your recipient is. Your mother-in-law might appreciate something elegant and sophisticated, while your favorite nephew will get a giggle out of a cute monkey eCard. It will be a lot easier to write the perfect birthday message if you have the right design as a background.
  • Write the Perfect Greeting: The wording for birthday cards doesn’t have to elaborate. Write from the heart. Begin with “Happy Birthday!” and a greeting like, “Wishing you a wonderful day and fabulous year,” or “Here’s to you!” Again, your relationship with the recipient should be a factor. Write something formal and respectful for a boss, or cheeky and funny for a best friend.
  • Share a Favorite Memory: As you’re thinking about what to write in a birthday card, consider whether there is a favorite story about the recipient that you would like to include. Something like, “It seems like just yesterday we met in Mrs. Clark’s kindergarten class and I spilled the apple juice on your new dress. I knew when you started giggling that we’d be friends forever.”
  • Sign Your Name: End your birthday greeting with a simple closing. “Wishing you all the best!” or “I am so grateful to have you for a friend,” are both classic phrases. Don’t forget to sign your name! Even though the recipient will see that the email card is from you, putting your name in the message makes it more personal.
  • Check Your Work: Before you send your free happy birthday eCard, remember to check your spelling! If spelling isn’t your strong suit, ask someone to read it over for you. Make sure you’ve formatted the text font, size, and color so that it looks exactly how you want it. Then schedule it to go out at a specific date and time, or send it right away.

Writing birthday cards wording becomes easier with practice. Make it a habit to recognize the birthdays of all the important people in your life, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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