Christmas Window Decorations

Christmas decorations are a great way to make all those in your house feel festive and warm, but what about everyone who sees your house from the outside? Try some Christmas window decorations to brighten up the look of the outside of your house. DIY Christmas window decorations can be easy and are festive crafts to do with your kids! Your Christmas window decorating can be as easy as a classic wreath or cute hanging ornaments from the top of the window. Try these Christmas window decoration ideas we’ve gathered for you:

Christmas window decorations


  • Ornament Wreath: Put a spin on the classic DIY Christmas window decoration by making it out of ornaments! Gather some inexpensive ornaments and a Styrofoam wreath base. First, tack or glue a piece of ribbon to the foam base in two spots for hanging. Then, use a hot glue gun to cover the Styrofoam completely with the ornaments in a random pattern. Hang this decoration in a front window or a window on your door.

Christmas Window Decorations

  • Snowflake Curtain: Paper snowflakes are a classic DIY Christmas window decoration, but try out this variation this year! Make all the snowflakes the same size by using the same size paper. Once the snowflakes are cut, flatten them out and lay them edge-to-edge, creating a rectangle of snowflakes that is the same size as the window. Using clear tape, attach the snowflakes together, making one big snowflake sheet. Then, tape this to the window in the four corners. From the outside, you will see a blanket of snowflakes.
  • Hang Ornaments: Hang different colored ornaments at varying heights from the top of a window. You can use fishing line if you want them to look like they’re floating, or ribbon for a more colorful look. Try hanging some paper snowflakes in there to mix it up.
  • Window Box: If you have a window box, fill it with pine branches and various bottles and jars. Look for clear glass and blue glass jars for this. Put small white battery powered tea light candles in some of the jars. Light the candles for the night of your Christmas party, and fill the box with plain white Christmas lights for every other nights.
  • Glittering Lights: This DIY Christmas window decoration is beautiful and glowing at night. Hang a piece of white muslin fabric over a window. Then take a string of white lights and hang it vertically down the window, draping it a few times so the whole window is covered. You can secure the top connections with a staple gun or plastic hooks if you don’t want to leave holes in your window frame. Hang another sheet of muslin if you want the same soft glowing effect from inside the house.
  • Window Painting: Window painting is a classic window decoration technique. Make sure you use water based paints so it will be easy to remove. Try using white paint and painting the corners to look like snow has built up on your windows. You can also paint white dots to look like it is snowing. Or you can get more creative and paint Christmas trees or Santa!

These DIY Christmas window decorations are a great way to get the outside of your house in the Christmas spirit, but they can also be enjoyed from inside! And remember: kickoff your holiday celebrations with one of our free Christmas party invitations!

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