Evite vs Punchbowl: Managing RSVPs from Family Members

When you send an invitation to couples or families with Evite®, you will get a frustrating jumble of duplicate RSVPs on your guest list. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if family members could RSVP for each other? It would make managing your guest list a lot easier, and you would actually have an accurate headcount! Think about it — no duplicate responses from guests, no nameless +1s, and an all-around more organized event. Well, we have great news. When you choose Punchbowl®, guests can RSVP for each other, thanks to our unique Family Connect feature. You won’t find that on Evite®.

Family Connect Feature on Punchbowl®

With the Family Connect feature on Punchbowl®, guests are able to see exactly which family members are invited to your event, and they can RSVP yes or no for each other. You can even include kids or partners without an email address, so your guests will know whether kids are welcome at an event, or whether siblings are invited to a birthday celebration. It’s easy to track RSVPs for family members, and account for every single guest who will attend your event!

Frustrating RSVPs on Evite®

When you choose to send e-invitations with Evite®, prepare yourself for frustration. There is no way to connect family members when you set up your guest list, so here is a common scenario: Jess and Matt are a couple. You add them both to your guest list with their email addresses. They both open the invite and RSVP that they are bringing their +1. You now have four RSVPs for two people attending your event. Oof!  

Managing RSVPs is Easy on Punchbowl®

With our Family Connect feature, Punchbowl® makes managing your RSVPs easy and ensures that you’ll always have an accurate headcount. Say goodbye to frustrating family RSVPs that, frankly, don’t make any sense. Say Adiós to Evite®, and hello to Punchbowl®.






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