High School Graduation Gifts

 A high school graduation is a momentous occasion in any high school student’s life. The graduate has so much to look forward to from this point forward, whether it's college, travelling or a full-time job. A high school graduation gift is a great way to congratulate a graduate on their many achievements and help them transition to what comes next.
 Here are some great high school graduation gift ideas for you to consider:
  • Digital or Video Camera: Many high school students take a big trip with their high school friends after graduation before they all go their separate ways. A digital camera or video camera is a great idea for a high school graduation gift so they can document the whole trip! If they already have both of these, a photo printer is also a great gift that any high schooler would be excited to receive.
  • Laptop Computer: A laptop is an expensive but very practical graduation gift for any high school student that is planning to go to college. They will need a computer to take notes, write papers, and do their many college level assignments.
  • Gift Cards: If you are having a hard time picking out a graduation gift for a high school student, gift cards are always an easy way to go. Give a gift card for a home store so they can use it to buy their dorm furniture, bedding, etc. Another idea is a gift card to an office supplies store so they can prepare themselves with notebooks, pens, post-its, printer, ink, etc.
  • Jewelry or Watch: A great high school graduation gift is jewelry or a watch. This is a keepsake that the student will be able to cherish forever! Choose a necklace or ring with the girl’s birthstone to personalize it just for her or you even have it monogrammed! For a male graduate, a watch is the perfect graduation gift idea. You could also have it engraved with a special message for him to remember this big day!
  • Dorm Room Gift Basket: If the graduate is heading off to college soon, they will need a lot of dorm supplies to get them started! Fill up a laundry basket with essential items like a bathrobe, slippers, laundry detergent, alarm clock, and more. Wrap plastic around the laundry basket and tie it with a ribbon to look like a gift basket.
  • Luggage: High school graduates are ready to flee the coop, whether they're off to college or doing a gap year. Give them a high quality piece of luggage for their many travels. A carry-on size piece of luggage is a good size that can be used for roadtrips or weekends home to visit. It also won't break the bank!
 Hopefully these high school graduation gift ideas gave you some inspiration. It's best to keep the graduate in mind as you shop for the perfect gift. What their plans are for the year ahead will definitely give you some insight into what they will need to be successful after high school.
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