Homemade Father's Day Gifts

Homemade Father’s Day gifts are a great way for kids to make Dad feel special on Father’s Day. A simple do-it-yourself Father's Day gift can put a smile on Dad’s face and gives him something to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated all year long!

Homemade Father’s Day gift ideas range from crafty to articstic to computer-based. That's good news for parents who may have one kid who is very creative while another child is more computer-savvy. Kids of all ages and aptitudes can find the right homemade Father's Day gift to make for Dad.

Here are a few ideas for homemade gifts for Dad:

  • Slideshow: This is a great project for older kids who are comfortable using the computer for photo sharing. They can gather family photos from vacations and holidays and insert them into a slideshow on the computer that can play as Dad's screensaver. Or, put the special collection of photos together to hook up to a digital picture frame that you give Dad as a gift. Either way, he'll love the effort made to put the special slideshow together.
  • Hand or Foot Prints: Hand or foot prints are a great homemade gift idea for Dad that you can do with infants and toddlers. Dad can put the print on display in his office. To make hand or foot prints, visit your local arts and crafts store, and purchase four blank, white canvas boards that are each around 6X6 in size. Also purchase non-toxic paint. Select the colors based on the colors in Dad’s office or “man cave.” To start, paint the canvas boards so that a background color is in place. Once the background is dry dip the kids’ feet and/or hands in different color paint, and make prints on the canvas. Present the artwork to Dad on Father’s Day and suggest that he hang them on the wall so that the four small square canvases equal one larger square picture!
  • Homemade Card: Homemade cards are simple and traditional Father’s Day homemade gifts. Card making is a perfect project for a variety of age groups. Plus, Dad will cherish the thought and meaning behind the card. Visit your local arts and crafts store to purchase card-making supplies such as pieces of cardstock, feathers, glitter, stickers, shapes made of foam, gems and glue. Use your discretion with small pieces, as they can become a choking hazard for young children.
  • Book: A homemade book is a great way for kids to express their appreciation for Dad! To make a homemade book, stack multiple pieces of cardstock, punch three holes in the side, and tie yarn or ribbon through the holes. Glue family photos to the pages and let the kids draw around them and write notes to Dad. Present the book to Dad on Father’s Day and show him how much he is loved by the kids!
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