How to Coordinate a Father’s Day Gift with Your Siblings

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Every dad deserves to be recognized and appreciated on Father’s Day. A thoughtful way to recognize your father on this special holiday is through Father’s Day group gifts with your siblings. Taking the time to bring your brothers and sisters together to brainstorm and purchase a gift will show your father how much you care (and gives you an excuse to spend more time talking to loved ones!).

Coordinating Father’s Day gifts with siblings can be difficult, especially when there are several people involved and long-distance family relationships. Here are some key things to keep in mind to effectively organize group gifts for Father’s Day.

  • Timing: The earlier you start organizing a group gift, the better. Whether you kick things off with a group email, phone call, or video chat, know that brainstorming and coming to an agreement might take some time. Plan ahead to ensure that the process isn’t rushed and everyone has an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas. 

  • Dad’s interests: When you brainstorm Father’s Day gift ideas, consider what your dad wants, needs, or enjoys doing. Does he have any special hobbies? Or is there a hobby that he’d like to start? Is there an item that he’s been eyeing for a while but hasn’t treated himself to yet? Finally, remember that not all gifts need to be physical. Consider an online class, ebook or audiobook subscription, or a nice dinner out with the entire family.

  • Budget: Not all of your brothers and sisters might be able to afford a “big” gift. Consider picking a gift that won’t break the bank or have siblings pitch in what they can with the understanding and agreement that others will cover the rest. Alternatively, if your siblings are on a tight budget, consider a handmade gift or the gift of time (an offer to clean dad’s attic or repaint the basement would be greatly appreciated!).

  • Designating: Think about who will be responsible for what. Who will research the best place to buy the gift? Who will actually purchase the gift? Who will collect money? Who will do the wrapping?  Make sure that everyone is involved in the process and doesn’t feel left out.

  • Delivery: Spend some time thinking about how the gift will be delivered. Is it possible to deliver it in-person? If yes, can everyone deliver it together or will one person be the designated gift-giver? If an in-person delivery isn’t possible, how much will shipping cost and can you guarantee it will arrive on time? Try to avoid astronomically high, last-minute shipping costs by planning ahead. 
An easy way to avoid a potentially expensive and complicated shipping process is to send free Father’s Day ecards with a digital gift card. Free eCards can easily be scheduled in advance for delivery on Father’s Day or emailed or texted right from your phone the day of. Choose your favorite digital greeting card, pick from a wide range of gift cards, and add a personalized message from the group that your dad will love!

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