Leap Day Party Invitations

By the time February rolls around, all of the major winter holidays are over and it seems like forever before the summer months. Kick up everyone's mood and make a reason to celebrate--Leap Day! It only comes every four years, so it definitely deserves some attention and it's a fun way to get everyone together in anticipation of spring. Send Leap Day party invitations to all the guests through Punchbowl. You can customize the digital invitations any way you like and can add a potluck, a cocktail poll, and an area for guests to comment. You can also manage RSVPs and figure out all your catering and party decoration needs with Punchbowl's vendor database.

Free Leap Day party invitations are essential to making sure that everyone knows all the details of the party, where to park, and what to bring, and you'll also be able to plan ahead given the number of RSVPs. Leap Day was long ago considered to be an unlucky day but that folklore has been forgotten. Now, it's considered a lucky day as it's so unique and makes for a fun reason to celebrate. It's also traditionally known as a day when women can propose to men, somehow symbolically balancing the romantic tradition of a man always asking just as it balances the year.

Send your free Leap Day party invite now and start planning the menu, theme and all the other details of the party. Once guests receive their online Leap Day party invitations through Punchbowl, the excitement will start building and you'll be counting down the days to February 29th!

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