Winter Party Games

Winter is full of parties, celebrations, and activities for the holidays, winter break, and the New Year. Plan a few winter party games to keep everyone in a festive spirit regardless of the weather or stress brought on by holiday planning and obligations. It doesn't matter what age the guests are. Having a few winter party game ideas in your back pocket is a good idea for keeping the energy up and the laughs coming all party long.

Winter party games for kids:

  • Build a snowman contest
  • Simon Says
  • Holiday scavenger hunt
  • Kid-friendly charades
  • Dodgeball or wiffle ball in the snow

Kids winter party games are fun to plan and all the little ones will be excited to know there is something to do other than run around aimlessly.

Winter party games for adults:

  • Set up a card table and play poker, or another favorite card game
  • Mix the best cocktail contest
  • Adult charades
  • Pictionary
  • Truth or Dare

Adults winter party games don't have to be complicated. Sometimes the best game nights are those with a few pencils, a pad of paper, and a few clues for homemade pictionary.

It may be the season for entertaining, but it's also the season for having fun with friends and famliy even long after January 1. Plan a variety of games for everyone to participate in or challenge the group to a snowball fight and watch the fun unfold. 

Ready to plan your own activity-filled kids Christmas party? Get started with this free Christmas party invitation! 

Free Christmas party invitations

Free Christmas party invitations

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