Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

Something cute, something sweet, something little and something neat (well, not always neat!). Little girls are so special! If the Mom-to-be has a little girl on the way, plan a pretty in pink baby shower theme to celebrate in a girly way.

If you like this ideas and need pretty in pink baby shower ideas, check out the following tips for invites, decorations, cake and favors. They will all help you execute a lovely pretty in pink shower for the mom-to-be:

  • Invitations: To customize your own pretty in pink shower invitations, choose a design that uses pink as the main color. You can also consider asking the mom-to-be to pose for a photo wearing pink so that you can include a picture on your pink shower invite. Any baby-inspired designs will work such as onesies, pacifiers, baby feet, or you could choose a design with pink polka dots or stripes.
  • Decorations: To decorate the pretty in pink party, cover the tables with a light pink tablecloth, and scatter dark pink baby bottle or baby carriage confetti. Purchase dark pink, light pink and white dinner and dessert napkins. Create a pile of single dark pink, light pink and white napkins stacked on top of one another, all in one pile. Continue to stack the napkins until all of the napkins are included in the pile. Take a soda bottle, and place it on its side on top of the napkins. Place one of your hands on the neck of the soda bottle, and one at the bottom of the soda bottle. Turn the soda bottle in a circle, while placing a small amount of pressure on the top of it. This will cause the napkins to appear in a spiral pattern, and will make all the different colors visible! Guests will be impressed, and may even think you hired a professional caterer to compose this exquisite display of napkins!
  • Cake: Instead of making a pretty in pink baby shower cake, make a variety of cupcakes with a combination of different designs. Make a group of vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing, and top them with a pink flower. Also bake chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and a pink flower. For the next set, bake chocolate cupcakes, iced with chocolate frosting, and place edible pink pearls on the frosting to look like polka dots.
  • Favors: To make pretty in pink baby shower favors, purchase small, dark pink gift bags and light pink and white tissue paper. Put a clear, empty cellophane bag inside of each gift bag. Create a tag to attach to the handle of the gift bag that says, “Pretty in pink, and oh so sweet. Visit the candy bar to fill your bag with a treat.” Have a "candy bar" set-up on a table in the room. Purchase glass jars and bowls from your local arts and crafts store and fill them with pink and white candy such as M&Ms, Good and Plenty, strawberry liquorice, Hershey Kisses with pink foil wrappers, pink gumballs and more!
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